Implemented in accordance with international standards for Information Architecture OpenEHR and messenger HL7 FHIR R4, Fluxmed is a completely evolutionary software in interoperable clinical information models.

The use of OpenEHR allows common clinical information models to be shared, created and updated. Information models such as Clinical Attendance Records, Hospital Discharge Summary and Emergency Care Record are examples that already exist in Fluxmed. The updating of these models will be carried out by common sense, and by the model management process, including the creation of new exclusive clinical models, according to the needs of each clinical specialty.

HL7 FHIR allows web services' computational messages about clinical information to be standardized internationally, allowing any information system supporting this standard, when properly authorized, to interact with each other providing a robust interoperability environment.

Domains of standardized clinical terminology. Fluxmed has the ability to easily adapt the terminologies adopted in each situation, currently it supports the following standards TISS, SIGTAP, CABP among others.

Specialized services for the development of exclusive models of clinical specialty are provided by Core Consulting.

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