Core Consultoria e Serviços Ltda, limited company, headquartered in Brasília - DF, registered with the CNPJ under No. 05.490.544/0001-00, sole and exclusive owner of the brands and domains associated with the so-called "Fluxmed" and "ehrrunner" and “” and “” and “” establish these terms of use for use by patients and healthcare establishments (“Patients” or “Users”).

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Fluxmed offers a technological solution developed for small clinics and individual practices to support the interoperability of clinical information and access and maintenance of patient consent to their RES - Electronic Health Record, integrating electronic medical records, health professionals and patients. Providing exclusive features, in order to create a simple flow from scheduling appointments, problem-oriented health record, electronic exam routing, electronic prescription of medicines and electronic medical certificates, made available by the web and mobile application for viewing and control of consent by the patient.

The use of Fluxmed is offered as a service in the SaaS model – Software as a Service.

Fluxmed stores and processes the clinical information and personal data imputed by the professionals of a user health establishment in order to make this information available, duly consented by the patient, in standardized format HL7 FHIR R4 and OpenEHR information models.

Personal Data: information related to an identified or identifiable natural person capable of identifying a person directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or to one or more specific elements of his identity. Personal Data includes, among others, your full name, CPF number, date of birth, cell phone number, e-mail, electronic patient record, electronic prescription, referral of exams and medical certificates that Fluxmed may have access to . These data may relate to the health professional or the patient, as well as personal data of the health professionals.

Patient: means an individual, who has an electronic health record at Fluxmed.

EHRRunner Platform: means the platform used by Fluxmed, which can be accessed through the website or any other that may replace it, or by applications adapted and developed for operation on a mobile phone, tablet, or any other mobile device.

Electronic Prescription, Referral of Exams and Medical Certificates: means the document (s) issued by a doctor, or another legally qualified professional, to the Patient which is made available digitally and is identified by means of electronic signature type, according to CFM regulations.

RES - Electronic Health Record - is a digital document generated from the record of clinical information at Fluxmed that is shared with the Patient by Fluxmed. This RES is basically a Clinical Care Record that can be used for continuity of health care, and allowed access by the patient to other people.

Problem-oriented Clinical Information Record - it is the method of recording clinical information implemented in Fluxmed to generate the RES, this information is filled in by the doctor, or a qualified health professional, in a health establishment that uses Fluxmed.

Clinical Records - any information regarding the patient's health condition in a clinical meeting, including electronic prescription, referrals of exams and medical certificates.

Identification of the doctor and health professionals
Fluxmed will utilize all necessary physician data to enable the generation of electronic health records in accordance with applicable legal requirements. Data commonly used to generate clinical records include: Full name, Class council registration number, Specialty, City, State, Telephone, CNS.

Identification of the health establishment
Fluxmed will use the CNES or CNPJ number and company name, trade name, address, contact phone and institutional email.

Communication and Alerts
Fluxmed may use your contact details, including email and phone, to send notifications, alerts and other notices related to the use of Fluxmed.

Platform security and enhancements
Fluxmed will be able to use the platform usage data, IP number and other access data to detect possible fraud and security incidents. In addition, Fluxmed may use browser browsing data to improve the User experience and access audit log to detect errors and registration data to check the veracity of the information entered before competent government and private bodies.

Generation of usage statistics
Fluxmed may use user usage information, which can include any and all interactions, page views, clicks, typing, typing suggestions, interaction with notifications, ads and features, among others, in order to generate aggregated statistics without direct identification of users. These statistics will be used by Fluxmed to improve, promote the use before other Users, Health Institutions and other commercial partners, to develop new products based on the needs identified by the analysis of such statistical data.

Sharing RES - Electronic Health Records with the patient
Fluxmed will process the information written in the SOAP module in the form of the RES, which in turn will be shared with the Patient. Once shared, the patient will have the power to exercise the right to consent to his health information with any person or health establishment he wishes.
In the event that the healthcare facility stops using Fluxmed, patients will continue to have access to RES.

In the event that the health establishment becomes a Fluxmed user again, it must request access to the patient's RES, if the patient has withdrawn the access consent.

Data storage
Fluxmed will do its best to mitigate the security risks of the personal data collected, adopting security and protection measures compatible with the best market practices. Fluxmed cannot guarantee that such security measures are error-free or that they are not subject to interference from third parties (hackers, among others). By its nature, despite Fluxmed's best efforts, any security measure can fail and any data can be made public. When using Fluxmed, users understand and assume this risk and that Fluxmed will not be responsible for this type of data leak.

All information collected will be stored with a high standard of security in the cloud computing resources allocated on AWS - Amazon Web Services, located in Brazil and abroad.

Deleting data
Due to legal or administrative obligations, Fluxmed may be prevented from deleting certain types of personal data, such as consent information. In this case, when applicable, Fluxmed will inform about such impossibility, proceeding to the exclusion of other information. Without prejudice, when complying with any requests for exclusion, Fluxmed may be unable to provide its services in whole or in part. Also, after the exclusion, Fluxmed may continue to use them, in a non-individualized manner and without any personal identification, for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

Data retention

Fluxmed will keep the RES of the patient users for a period longer than the legal custody, in compliance with any public authority orders, to defend itself in judicial or administrative proceedings and in cases in which the Personal Data have been duly anonymized, to maintain possession of their RES for continuity of care.

Use of data by third parties
In addition to the cases already mentioned in this Privacy Policy, Personal Data may also be used by third parties, in the following cases:

Generation of analytical information on population health: Fluxmed may contract third-party services that assist it in the provision of its services, such as, for example, cloud services. At the moment, Fluxmed uses Amazon Web Service, for cloud data storage service as a computing infrastructure service provider. Clinical information, properly anonymized and grouped, can be used to generate analytical data about population health and marketed to interested third parties.

Organizational Change. In the event of a sale, merger, corporate reorganization or any other change in control of Core Consultoria e Serviços Ltda that owns Fluxmed, in this case it will ensure that the individual or legal entity that comes to access or assume control over the data treated under the terms of this Policy are also linked to it, guaranteeing the continuity of the protection of Personal Data, and communicating users in advance.

Judicial or Administrative. Fluxmed may share Personal Data in the event of a judicial or administrative request.

With the authorization of the User. In other cases, if there is a need to share the information, a notification will be sent requesting your approval.

Fluxmed may use cookies and other equivalent tracking forms such as pixel tags, mobile device identifiers and other types of web beacons, technologies that allow us to collect part of the Personal Data mentioned in this Policy. Throughout this Policy, whenever we refer to Cookies, that reference will include similar technologies.

Updates to this Privacy Statement
In order to guarantee the privacy of users, and the security of their data, Fluxmed is committed to regularly reassessing its Privacy Policy and adapting it, as necessary. If changes are made to this Privacy Policy, you will be notified and must review such changes. If you continue to use Fluxmed after we announce an update to the Privacy Policy.

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