Use by the patient

Fluxmed allows, through the use of the Web Portal or Application for Android and Apple IOS phones, access to the Electronic Health Record, sharing your information with other doctors and family members, scheduling appointments at participating clinics and offices and much more.

In an intuitive and hassle free way, Fluxmed helps you in your health care, provided by the immediate access to your health information and other information in your care plan at the end of each consultation.

Fluxmed is developed in compliance with the LGPD - Brazilian General Data Protection Law, it allows patients to access their Electronic Health Record wherever and whenever they want, and even share it with those who really matter. With Fluxmed you will be able to:

  • share the electronic health record of the patient with whom he needs
  • schedule appointments at the office directly via cell phone or service portal
  • access and share medication prescriptions, exam requests and electronically signed electronic medical certificates
  • timely alerts about the care plan

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