Use by health plan operators

Health plan operators, when using Fluxmed, can make available to their accredited providers a complete solution to integrate administrative information, electronic health records for health services integrated by the care network, scheduling control, and also, standardized by TISS - Exchange of Supplemental Health Information everything in an automated and transparent way.

When using Fluxmed, health plan operators will have a set of applications available in the form of an API - Application Programming Interface, standardized and standardized service interfaces, in the format HL7 FHIR R4, which allow the exchange of information between PEP systems – Electronic Health Records, between accredited providers and operators, and also the development of own applications, such as a web portal and for mobile devices (cell phones).

THE Core Consulting provides consulting, support and evolution services oriented to the specific needs of each operator, customizing Fluxmed for an agile deployment and aligned with internal technology and business teams. These services include:

  • Cloud supply, eliminating the need for investments in servers and specialized technical teams;
  • Pre-ready and customizable mobile apps and web portal for:
    • clinical web portal, professionals from the care network can access the beneficiaries' Electronic Health Records to provide an integrated health service, and also register clinical care in a model in a method SOAP Trouble-Driven Health Record, addressed to those accredited providers that do not have their own clinical record systems.
    • web portal and application for the patient's mobile devices. Patients can have access and grant access, according to the LGPD – Brazilian General Data Protection Law of their Electronic Health Records, schedule procedures at the accredited company and much more. see in Fluxmed for patients.
  • Custom deployment;
  • Development of clinical information models for specialties;
  • Consultancy specializing in health information interoperability.

With an initial period of three months for implementation, the benefits of using Fluxmed are soon realized. Contact

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